Childbirth occupies a special place at the heart of the world of Bonpoint. Whether you are preparing your baby’s wardrobe or buying a gift for a newborn, there’s magic in this cozy collection: onesies with hand-embroidered collars, cashmere blankets, diaper bags, sleep sacks, hooded towels... Each piece captures the true spirit of Bonpoint with its high-quality materials and careful details.

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Beste Pants brownOrganic cotton pants for Newborn

CHF 22.00

2 colors

Little Derby Shoes taupeWool derbies for Baby

CHF 62.00

Aburnou Burnoose naturalCashmere burnous for Newborn

starting from CHF 200.00

Garden Pants stringHoundstooth pants for Baby

starting from CHF 55.00

Abid Cardigan verdigrisCotton/wool cardigan for Newborn

starting from CHF 87.00

Florent Shirt verdigrisExclusive Liberty shirt for Newborn

starting from CHF 62.00

Tagonfly Snowsuit puceTechnical pilot romper for Newborn

starting from CHF 222.00

Bea Bloomers medium heathered grayAlpaca bloomer for Newborn

starting from CHF 55.00