Bonpoint Beauty

Bonpoint Beauté is the only luxury, green and clean cosmetics brand inspired by the world of childhood, designed for the entire family’s delicate and sensitive skin.

Extremely natural skincare products with vegan formulas, made in France, whose protective properties and tolerance levels have been validated by dermatologists and pediatricians following 100% testing on sensitive skin.

Bonpoint Beauté is the art of making skincare rituals enchanting through rich textures and an iconic olfactory signature. A sensory alchemy that elicits nurturing emotions like a bridge between mind and body, popular with the world’s leading spas.

Bonpoint Beauté is a family affair that completes the sharing experience that is so important to the brand.

Crèmes et soins corps Bonpoint
Crème visage Bonpoint Bébé et enfant

Bonpoint Beauté : high-quality, uncompromising formulas

To create its range intended for the entire family’s sensitive skin, Bonpoint carefully chose ingredients which maximize the skin’s natural mechanism and allow it to better resist external stressors (pollution, cold, wind etc.). All formulas are dermatologically-tested and guaranteed to be suitable even for the sensitive skin of little ones. Bonpoint Beauté adheres to a strict formulation charter that goes beyond the regulations in force, according to the precautionary principle, choosing to withdraw any approved ingredients suspected of posing a risk to human health or the environment.

Using natural ingredients, one of the brand’s core values, is something that is omnipresent in our product offer. All of its skincare products are formulated with at least 94% ingredients of natural origin.

Eau de toilette Bonpoint
Campagne Beauté mère et bébé Bonpoint

An iconic fragrance

Once upon a time, there was the legendary Eau de Bonpoint, created in 1986 by perfumer Annick Goutal for her sister Marie-France Cohen, Bonpoint founder.
The brand’s olfactory signature, its subtle heart notes with Neroli and Orange blossom accents are the madeleine moment of generations of mothers. A fragranced cuddle to sooth a child or aromas from memories to move a mum, in this bottle which makes a single promise : to allow you to infinitely relive happy times from your childhood. Composed of high-quality raw materials of natural origin and organic alcohol, l'Eau de Bonpoint's addictive freshness is available in three concentrations.

Enfant et bébé soins Campagne Bonpoint
Parfums Bonpoint maman et enfant

The Home Fragrances collection

Just like the bond you have with people, the connection you make with your home is formed from multiple sensations - colors, objects, smells. When you choose a fragrance for your home, you make it that little bit more special.

What if the scent of a candle was able to transport you to the comfort of childhood, filled only with purity and happiness?

Bonpoint diffuses its legendary Eau de Bonpoint fragrance in its scented home accessories and proposes fresh and elegant variations of its olfactory notes, Orange blossom, Cotton blossom and Cherry blossom. When the Bonpoint way of life infuses the entire house to allow you to get your bearings and better recharge your batteries.

Enfant et gel nettoyant campagne Beauté Bonpoint
Mousse nettoyante Bonpoint - Campagne Beauté

Mousse nettoyante Bonpoint
Crème enfant Campagne Beauté

Offer our children the absolute best

10 ans de recherche et d'amélioration en continu de nos formules, pour offrir la plus haute qualité et sécurité à toute la famille : des soins d'origine naturelle haute tolérance pour une "beauté clean", aussi sensorielle que saine, sûre et durable.