Cherry Festival

In Asia, cherry blossom is a joyous family event that Bonpoint is celebrating with an exclusive watercolour cherry print on tops, accessories and dresses.

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Amissa Set natural whitePrinted organic cotton ensemble

starting from CHF 95.00

Felice Dress natural whitePrinted organic cotton fleece dress

starting from CHF 145.00

T-shirt Dom blanc laitPrinted organic cotton t-shirt

starting from CHF 65.00

Amaia Dress natural whitePrinted organic fleece dress

starting from CHF 190.00

Thida T-Shirt white milkT-shirt en jersey de coton biologique

starting from CHF 75.00

Claudine Sweatshirt natural whitePrinted organic fleece sweatshirt

starting from CHF 165.00

Cornelia Shorts natural whiteOversized Bermudas in organic fleece

starting from CHF 110.00