The sleep ritual

Sweet dreams.

A soothing ritual at night time.

A ritual to be followed at bedtime for little ones and older children.

The benefits

It accompanies the child during relaxation and letting go, relieves from daily tensions, and creates a reassuring context conducive to falling asleep.

The preparation

Spray the Bonpoint Eau de Toilette or the interior fragrance in the room a few minutes before bedtime. Wash hands with the cleansing cream. Settle the child in bed and dim the light in order for everything to be ready to go to sleep.

discover the sleeping ritual in video


Face cream

A soft and enveloping cream to intensely hydrate, soothe irritation and feelings of tightness as well as protect against external aggressions. The skin is soft and delicately scented.


Face fluid

Its light texture quickly penetrates without any oily effect and conveys a sensation of immediate comfort. It’s moisturizing, soothing, regenerating, and protective active ingredients pamper skin during the night.

Moisturizing face lotion 50 ml

CHF 95.00

Moisturizing face cream 50 ml

CHF 89.00

Eau de senteur 50 ml

CHF 67.00