Swan Lake Collection
Bonpoint is the only brand of children's ready-to-wear clothing and accessories that boasts a couture house design studio. This season, it has recreated a look that incorporates the perfect balance of traditional craftsmanship and innovation, of refinement and delicacy.

The Swan Lake collection exudes the atmosphere of a grand spring ball. In an aerial choreography, the sumptuous Clarie ecru flowered dress and the Crystal skirt inspire little girls to dance at the edge of an enchanted forest. Delicate and light-as-air, details and meticulous embroidery illuminate celestial silhouettes that flitter among the trees like fireflies.

Satin couture shorts and a velvety-soft Twinkle top celebrate these idyllic moments to light up the dreams of any princess. In a romantic ballet, three little girls in satin headbands approach one another with measured steps that are reminiscent of a graceful dance movement. Reveries joyfully come together while enchanting fabrics rustle with the moderate tempo to the rhythm of a uniquely elegant collection that echoes the melody of these magic moments.

Making the exceptional Aliénor dress