Clean and Natural Ingredients

Glossary of natural ingredients

With the same high standard as couture, Bonpoint perfume and skincare lines were developed alongside dermatologists made specifically for the sensitive skins of babies and the whole family while providing a unique sensory experience upon application. High-quality products and a very strict formulation chart with cosmetic safety requirements beyond international regulations. Our products have been developed in collaboration with dermatologists and toxicologists to ensure efficacy and tolerance on the most sensitive skins of the family. A Vegan formulation, with a maximum of ingredients of natural origin (up to 99% according to the ISO norm 16128), some of which are food-grade (ingredient consumable in the food context, e.g., coconut oil) or organic. We only use necessary preservatives to guarantee optimal tolerance and maximize effectiveness over time.100% of our products have been allergy tested.

*The remaining % has been incorporated to optimize the effectiveness, integrity, and sensoriality of the formula, meeting Bonpoint's high-quality criteria.

Origin : vegetal, from the flowers of the Robinia false-acacia, a tree from North America.
Properties : moisturizing and anti-free radicals.

Organic apricot
Origin : vegetal, oil extract from the fruit.
Properties : protective and soothing. Helps skin to preserve its elasticity, its radiance and suppleness.

Origin : Vegetal, fromthe roots of the comfrey, an herbaceous plant.
Properties : moisturizing, softening, and soothing.

Sweet almond
Origin : vegetal, oil extract from the fruit.
Properties : nourishing and soothing.

Shea Butter
 : vegetal, fruit extract from the shea tree.
Properties : moisturizing, nourishing, softening, and soothing. Protects the skin from dryness.

Cherry Tree
Origin : vegetal, Japanese cherry blossom extract.
Properties : moisturizing, softening and protective, rich in flavonoids.

Origin : vegetal, cotton flower extract.
Properties : Moisturizing, restructuring, and softening, rich in fatty acids and vitamin E.

: vegetal, flower extract.
Properties: soothing and softening.

Organic coconut
: vegetal, oil extract from the fruit.
Properties : nourishing and repairing. Rich in essential fatty acids.

Cotton milk
: vegetal, cotton seed extract.
Properties : softening, soothing and emollient. Very rich in lipids.

Organic meadowfoam
: vegetal, derived from limnanthes oil or meadowfoam seed oil.
Properties : moisturizing, soothing and protective.

: vegetal, elderflower extract.
Properties : softening, tonifying, moisturizing and soothing. Rich in flavonoids, vitamins A and E.

Orange blossom
: vegetal, white flower from the bitter orange tree.
Properties : anti-oxidant and soothing.

Origin : vegetal, emollient agent obtained by vegetal oil saponification.
Properties : humectant, moisturizing, and softening.

: vegetal, floral extract.
Properties : anti-oxidant, detoxifying and soothing.

Jasmine essential wax 
Origin : vegetal, from Jasmine flowers.
Properties : moisturizing and protective. Prevents dehydration.

: vegetal, white lotus flower extract.
Properties : moisturizing and soothing.

: vegetal, white lily flower extract.
Properties : moisturizing, anti-oxidant, and soothing.

Organic plum
Origin : vegetal, an oil extract from the fruit.
Properties : nourishing and repairing. Brings softness and suppleness to the skin.

: vegetal, flower extract.
Properties : soothing, tonifying, and astringent.

White rose
: vegetal, flower extract.
Properties : anti-oxidant, anti-pollution and radiance.

Organic squalane
: vegetal, from sugar cane. It is ecological and sustainable alternative to olive oil squalane.
Properties : emollient, protective and repairing.