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Bonpoint has crafted iconic newborn gift boxes that are sure to impress and delight. Discover our collection of carefully-curated gift boxes designed for bath time, bedtime, and baby's first outings.

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Pink Nighttime Set

CHF 240.00

The Refreshing Moment set

CHF 95.00

Mixed box set with weekly onesies

CHF 255.00

The Beauty Moment set

CHF 95.00

The Sleep Moment set

CHF 110.00

The Childhood set

CHF 140.00

Birth Trousseau Set

CHF 525.00

Days of the Week Bib Set

CHF 155.00

The Birth Event set

CHF 175.00

Cado Gift Set milk white

CHF 170.00

Milk White Accessory Set

CHF 280.00

Heather grey Accessory Set

CHF 280.00

Cado Case blackCoffret cadeau naissance en coton biologique

CHF 170.00

Pink Accessory Set

CHF 280.00

Music Box Set - Bonpoint Iconic

CHF 120.00

Blue Walk Time Set

CHF 215.00

Pink Walk Time Set

CHF 215.00

First Nights Set

CHF 255.00