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Fragranced Laundry Soap - 1 liter

Une lessive parfumée hypoallergénique conçue pour entretenir tous les linges, même les plus délicats, et préserver les peaux sensibles. Adaptée à un lavage en machine ou à la main, elle nettoie le linge en douceur, élimine les tâches et les impuretés et enveloppe subtilement les vêtements d'un voile de fraîcheur et d'un délicat parfum aux notes de fleur d'oranger.
CHF 28.00
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Fragranced Laundry Soap - 1 liter
CHF 28.00
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The Bonpoint hypoallergenic laundry soap is fragranced with delicious orange blossom notes.
It is specially designed to:

- Respect sensitive skin : a fragrance and hypoallergenic formula, dermatologically tested, to ensure it protects all sensitive skin for example the skin of babies and pregnant and breastfeeding women. Its adapted formula does not irritate or dry out the skin, even in the case of hand-washing.

- Respect materials : the laundry soap protects the natural softness of your textiles, for example cotton, and protects the most delicate laundry (wool, silk, cashmere, linen, acetate, viscose*). It is suitable for hand and machine-washing, from 30°C.

- Be eco-friendly : it is mainly formulated with plant-based surfactants and made by cold saponification. This authentic artisanal method consumes less energy as the ingredients are not heated when making the soap. The properties of the natural plant-based active ingredients are better protected for increased effectiveness. It is composed of 94% ingredients of natural origin and is colorant-free. It is made in the south of France. The packaging is fully recyclable.

Its effectiveness has been tested on 14 types of stains by the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products. It notably removes stains frequently encountered by parents, for example chocolate, tomato sauce, blood, grass and mud.

*when cold washed with no spin cycle.

To measure out the right amount of laundry soap, consider the Bonpoint measuring cup (sold separately).

Composition : See "Ingredients"

Ref : PE05V06

La lessive parfumée Bonpoint est composée de 94% d'ingrédients d'origine naturelle.
    Elle est fabriquée dans le sud de la France et utilise un procédé de fabrication artisanal : la saponification à froid.
      Cette méthode de fabrication du savon, sans chauffe des ingrédients est une alternative plus écologique car moins énergivore. Elle permet aussi de mieux conserver les vertus des actifs naturels des plantes.
        Toutes les lessives contiennent des tensio-actifs, ceux de la lessive Bonpoint sont principalement d'origine végétale et issus de la coco.
          Son parfum hypoallergénique à la fleur d'oranger enveloppe subtilement les vêtements d'un voile de fraîcheur.
            Elle est sans colorant et fabriquée avec un parfum hypoallergénique.

Bonpoint Fragranced Laundry Soap 1 liter, i.e. approx. 20 washes.


Effective from 30°C.

  • For a machine of less than 5 kg of lightly soiled laundry : add 20 ml of laundry soap to the dedicated compartment i.e. half a measuring cup.
  • For a machine of less than 5 kg of soiled laundry : add 50 ml of laundry soap to the dedicated compartment i.e. a full measuring cup.
  • For a machine of more than 5 kg of lightly soiled laundry : add 70 ml of laundry soap to the dedicated compartment i.e. 1.5 measuring cups.
  • For a machine of more than 5 kg of soiled laundry : add 90 ml of laundry soap to the dedicated compartment i.e. 2 almost full measuring cups.
  • If you don’t have the Bonpoint measuring cup, simply measure a soup spoon, which corresponds to around 20 ml.


  • Use 8-10 ml per liter of water.

Our commitments

Our formulas are the fruit of 10 years of research and continuous improvement efforts, with the goal of offering our children and the entire family the best.

  • Safety, a core value of Bonpoint formulas: we do not stop at simply eliminating forbidden substances from our formulas. we go above and beyond applicable regulations by avoiding all controversial substances.

  • Natural ingredients: all of our formulas are made with at least 90% ingredients of natural origin, some of which are food grade or organic, in accordance with the strictest tolerance and conservation constraints. all of our products have a vegan formula and do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

  • Sensory appeal that promotes well-being and emotion: each skincare product cultivates the art of enchanting beauty rituals through sumptuous textures and an iconic orange blossom olfactory signature, with clinically-proven relaxation and sleep-promoting qualities.

  • Ethical beauty: each product is developed with a continuous improvement policy in terms of eco-design and recycling, in order to ensure more sustainable beauty.
Anionic surfactants : between 5 and 10%.Non-ionic surfactants : between 5 and 10%. Amphoteric surfactants : less than 5%.Preservatives : less than 5%. Contains ALKYL POLYGLYCOSIDE

Home delivery with signature. Click & Collect (free). Free return with prepaid label in each parcel.

Add gift wrapping to your order at the shopping cart step (Free). The items are wrapped in tissue paper scented with Eau de Bonpoint then inserted into a box closed with a ribbon.

Please note: Bonpoint boxes are not suitable for items that are too bulky (suitcases, certain coats for example) or are not suitable for certain types of products (perfumes, care, stuffed animals, etc.).

Our Bonpoint advisors are available to answer all your questions by email or by phone on +33 (0)1 47 48 79 69

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