The softness of the finest yarns, the style of the colours, the subtlety of the stitching : Bonpoint is offering a series of seasonal accessories to create a perfect style. Totes and other bags to carry small and large treasures will delight children and parents alike.

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Bruni Bag goldSac en bandoulière

CHF 180.00

Tadam Purse red brickSac porté travers en cuir

CHF 230.00 CHF 138.00

Miniclic Hair Clip goldBarrette de cérémonie

CHF 30.00 CHF 18.00

Tamya Headband navySerre-tête en soie

CHF 120.00 CHF 72.00

Dhuri Mittens alabaster whiteMouffles en laine

CHF 95.00 CHF 47.00

Blythe Headband navySerre-tête de cérémonie

CHF 70.00 CHF 42.00

Dimas Socks rubyChaussettes en coton

CHF 105.00 CHF 63.00

Benny Beanie brownBonnet en cachemire

CHF 155.00 CHF 93.00

Tatodine Ribbed Snood brownSnood en cachemire

CHF 205.00 CHF 123.00

Birk Gloves brownGants en cachemire

CHF 120.00 CHF 60.00

Thomina Ribbed Tights plumCollant en coton biologique

CHF 55.00 CHF 27.00

7 colors

Aahil Headband goldSerre-tête de cérémonie

CHF 120.00 CHF 72.00

Basileo Cover brownCouverture en cachemire

CHF 365.00 CHF 182.00

Darbo Hat brownBonnet chiné en cachemire

CHF 120.00 CHF 72.00

2 colors

Banny Tights plumCollants en coton biologique

CHF 45.00 CHF 22.00

3 colors

Banny Tights naturalCollants en coton biologique

CHF 45.00 CHF 22.00

3 colors